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50% off on all Roof Restorations Jobs till 30th June 2024 *

What Are The Steps Involved in Roof Inspection?


Your roof shields your family from inclement weather, sweltering temperatures, and annoying animals, making it the unsung hero of the house. However, routine inspections are crucial if you want to keep it in good condition.

Inspections will look for any problems that require fixing, misplaced objects, and whether or not your roof is enduring the test of time. But how does this differ from a typical home inspection, and how frequently should your rooftop be inspected? Here is all the information you require regarding inspections.

An inspector for roofs will look at every part, including its structural support, the durability of the roofing material, and any indications of damage on the walls and ceiling.

Structural Inspection

The structural inspection will evaluate the durability of the entire roof system. Based on the arrangement of the roof planes, this portion of the examination entails searching for any indicators that might suggest a drooping roof.

The structural inspection looks at the health of the major parts of the roofing system rather than searching for broken or missing roofing materials. The following are indicators that may indicate sagging:

The inspector will also examine the condition of your soffit, fascia, and gutters when they are up on the top. They will examine the grout, seals, and exterior of any skylights, chimneys, or vents you may have for any signs of system damage.

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Material Inspection

The inspection’s material section will concentrate on the roofing components, such as shingles, metal plates, clay tiles, or even slate shingles. The inspector will check them for any damage, missing components, rust, moss, or water damage-related stains. In addition to inspecting the roofing material, the flashing beneath it is also examined for any indications of leaks, cracks, or vermin.

Inspection of the Interior

Any indications of damage that aren’t apparent from the outside will be examined during the interior phase of the inspection. Inspectors will examine the house’s interior, including the walls, attics, and ceilings. Typical warning signals include the following:

How to Interpret the Roof Inspection Results?

When the check is finished, the inspector must provide you with a thorough report of their findings. If possible, they might also show you around the house to point out any damage indications they saw without putting you up on the top.

Every business probably has its own reporting system. If you’re conducting a home inspection for insurance reasons, the insurance provider probably has a report of its own as well. The report will include the roof’s condition, necessary repairs, potential problems with the roof, and how long they anticipate it will endure.

If a roofing firm inspects, they might also give you a cost estimate to repair any issues. Depending on their complexity, repairs might cost anywhere from $365 to $1,550.

You’ll need a new one if too many pieces of the current one fail. On average, a new roof will cost roughly $14,360. If recurring repairs are required, choosing a new roof could save you money in the long run.

Is it Possible to Check a Roof Yourself?

If your single-story home has a relatively flat roof, you can climb up there to check for any indications of damage or missing components. However, you will need the appropriate safety gear, such as a harness, and even then, trying it can be risky. Only perform a straightforward visual assessment from the security of a ladder. The best course of action is to hire experts if you lack prior roofing experience or are worried about evaluating it on your own.

Even if you inspect it yourself, you should still hire a roofing inspector to perform a thorough assessment, especially if you discover anything alarming. Knowing that the job was done correctly and being able to continue forward with repairs that will sustain it for years to come is the value of a professional inspection.

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