Special Offer – 50% off on all Roof Restorations Jobs till 30th of June 2024*

50% off on all Roof Restorations Jobs till 30th June 2024 *

Fascia Board

Fascia boards are an essential component of your roofing system, which helps protect the vulnerable roof edges and corners and secure rain gutters that prevent water from entering the house during rain. They act as a protective layer for the home.

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Effective Fascia Board Services For Complete Protection Of Home

However, these boards are prone to damage due to reasons like roof leaks and gutter clogs, which allow the fascia to be exposed to water regularly, mould, fungus and algae growths, changing temperatures, insect damage, bowing, and lastly, holes due to water accumulation. These are the primary reasons for fascia board damage, but there are other less common reasons.

Fascia board is famous for installation in homes worldwide, and Australia is also one of the places. The fascia acts as a barrier between the exterior and your roof edges, which bears the load of the elements and protects your roof and house from climatic damage.

Fascia board is often installed in houses with gutter because it may have to support several gallons of water during rain and the bottom tiles. Many new homes have fascia installed, but some older homes do not have it. Remember always to notice fascia for signs of damage because even though they are known to last for years, they are prone to specific damages.

Master Roof Restoration is well-equipped to perform 2 fascia board services which are-

Fascia Board Repair

A good quality fascia board ensures long-duration protection of your house. It protects the home against various issues that can have a sudden adverse effect or ruin your home’s foundation. With Master Roof Fascia Board Repair Services, you add years to your home effectively.

Fascia Board Replacement

Even a good quality fascia board may require replacement for specific reasons like clogged gutters, improper shingle overhand, or ice dams. Master Roof Restoration has been a part of multiple fascia board replacement projects. We ensure to restore the effective functioning of the fascia board and prevent it from any future damage for many years.

We are trained to deal with crucial elements and ensure to leave no stone unturned in maintaining the safety and structural security of your house effectively. We offer the most trustworthy and dependable fascia board repair and replacement services in Australia.

Master Roof Restoration is known to work on both commercial and non-commercial spaces in Adelaide. We send fascia board professionals trained with years of experience in the field to do their tasks with full efficacy by strictly following all the safety procedures.

We assure you that you will enjoy reliable, professional and cost-effective fascia board services with Master Roof Restoration. Consult with us today!

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Special Offer – 50% off on all Roof Restorations Jobs till 30th of June 2024*

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