50% OFF – Gutters with Every Roof Restoration Jobs till 30th of June 2024*
50% OFF – Gutters with Every Roof Restoration Jobs till 30th of June 2024*
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Fascia Board Replacement

No matter how well the fascia board was installed the first time around, clogged gutters, improper shingles overhand, or ice dams can cause fascia damage. It is essential to conduct regular inspections to keep check for damages.

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Fascia Board Replacement Services For Complete Protection Of Home

If you observe any of these changes on your board, the time has come for fascia board replacement!

A good quality fascia board protects your home from various problems and improves the overall exterior look, thus increasing the house value. It also supports other installed equipment, like gutters on your roof.

The process of replacing the damaged fascia board followed by us is quick yet effective. Firstly, we conduct a thorough inspection to determine the amount of damage on the boards. We remove gutter and drip edges, remove the existing fascia board, and then measure and cut the boards for your roof correctly, covering the seams and selling the wood. Lastly, gutter and drip edges are installed again.

We at Master Roof Restoration take pride in providing fascia board repair and replacement services priced better than any other service providers in Adelaide. Our fascia board specialists in Adelaide can quickly inspect your home and assess the condition of your fascia. We also double-check our work after completion to guarantee your safety.

We understand there is no space for any compromise when it comes to the tiles as they are of multi-purpose use, so once we finish the tile replacement process, it is essential to check that the job is done correctly. Our services are guaranteed to improve your space’s safety, hygiene and appearance.

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