Special Offer – 50% off on all Roof Restorations Jobs till 30th of June 2024*

50% off on all Roof Restorations Jobs till 30th June 2024 *

Solar Panel Guard Install

Installing a solar panel system for your energy needs is the best option for becoming an energy-efficient home. The initial costs for getting solar panels installed are high, but it provides various benefits in the long run. You can save on a lifetime of electricity bills, leave a smaller carbon footprint, and even profit by selling any excess energy generated by your panels.

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Solar panels have various benefits, but their maintenance is essential for optimal functioning. Apart from regular cleaning, solar panels are also prone to get damaged by rodents, insects or pests that may cut the panel wiring or cause cracks on the panel glass. To protect your solar system from these damages, solar panel guards can help.

Solar panel guards are PVC-coated wire mesh installed around the panel’s perimeters. They help prevent animals or rodents from scratching or soiling your roof and the panels and protect them from birds, pests and debris. Thus, investing in solar panel guards can help you prevent future damage to the system.

Thus, hiring a service to install panel guards is the best option as it ensures that your panels stay safe and protected without incurring any damages. We at Master Roof Restoration ensure that the solar panel guards are installed and fixed correctly around the panels. We ensure that your solar system stays protected from any unwanted external factors throughout the year.

The team of professionals at Master Roof Restoration guarantees high-quality services. We are equipped with the latest technology and are available for service at flexible hours at your convenience. Rely on us for affordable and high-quality services.

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Safeguard your solar systems with our solar panel guard installation services. We ensure that your panels are optimally safeguarded from external factors without affecting their efficiency.

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Special Offer – 50% off on all Roof Restorations Jobs till 30th of June 2024*

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